Port City Limit previews Homegrown performance

Homegrown preview: Port City Limit

The Port City Limit will be playing their fourth Homegrown Music Festival.

Ahead of the band’s performance for Duluth’s Homegrown Music Festival, Port City Limit’s guitarist, Kaleb Montgomery, and bassist, John Zmyslony joined The Lift to give us a preview of what to expect.

John told The Lift, “Homegrown is really the pinnacle of the Duluth music scene. Everyone comes out for it. It’s the best week of the year.”

Kaleb confirmed that Port City Limit is a bonafide homegrown band, saying, “We’re a rock band with thick blues roots. We do a little bit of funk, a little bit of everything… We don’t really like to play slow songs.”

Port City Limit plays R.T. Quinlan’s Saloon Friday, May 3 @ 11:15 p.m..

Full schedule can be found here.

Week-long wristbands are on sale for $40 at Globe News, Zenith Bookstore, and River City Records.