30 for Freedom runners ready for Grandma’s Marathon

30 for Freedom runners excited about Grandma’s Marathon

Runners are supporting 30 for Freedom this year during Grandma's Marathon both on and off the course.

Scott Forsberg has never run more than a 5K, before he started training for Grandma’s. “I’ve learned that mile 10 is brutal,” he shared.

But the pastor at the Central Assembly of God in Superior is getting ready to do the full Grandma’s Marathon, to support 30 for Freedom.

His friend started this organization, which fights human trafficking. 30 stands for the statistic that every 30 seconds, someone ends up becoming a victim of human trafficking.

Usually 30 for Freedom puts on their own race event. But Forsberg brought up the idea of partnering with Grandma’s.

Now, they have over 100 runners between the three races, plus another big group of volunteers.

Chris Kari is bringing himself out of running retirement for the event. He ran Grandma’s Half in 2018, but never thought he’d do it again.

Despite some injuries, he’s been training and is going to do the half again this year. “I couldn’t ignore the fact that I could do something to help, by running,” Kari said.

Look for the bright blue t-shirts.

For more info: https://30forfreedom.org/

Forsberg said they are also interested in supporting local efforts to combat things like homelessness, which can lead to trafficking.

So they are hosting the Human Trafficking Informational Event is Sunday, the 23rd, at 12pm at Central Assembly of God in Superior. 3000 Hammond Avenue.