Telling the Grandma’s story through photos and social media

Telling the Grandma’s story through photos and social media

Jerry from Destination Duluth and photographer Matthew Moses share how they go about capturing Grandma's Marathon.

For many people, Grandma’s Marathon is their introduction to Duluth and the North Shore.

Jerry Thoreson, the managing director of Destination Duluth, knows that. He’s been involved with covering the race since the 1990s when he was at the Duluth News Tribune.

He is the 2024 recipient of the Marsh Nelson Media Award. Thoreson said he’s really receiving it on behalf of Destination Duluth.

“The cool thing about Grandma’s is that people love coming to Duluth,” he said. “The reason why they love Grandma’s is the location and the people. The community of 86,000 gets behind it to welcome 20,000 runners and almost 50,000 people.”

Matthew Moses has also spent a lot of time at the Grandma’s finish line and along the course. This year, he’s running the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon for the third time.

“The finish line is – it’s emotional,” Moses said. “Once you get past that elite wave, you’re seeing the people who are breaking the time barriers. It’s all down to emotions. You get so many people who are just trying to complete it, trying to hit a goal, they’re running it for inspiration for a family member.”

He loves seeing the hugs, high-fives, and relief after 13.1 or 26.2 miles have been achieved.