ROTC cadets stand silently for 24 hour vigil to honor veterans

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ROTC, is the Air Force’s Reserve Officer Training Corps, and Detachment 420 is at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The ROTC program provides men and women opportunities to learn about the United States Air Force while pursuing an undergraduate.

“Aim high, fly, fight, win” that is the official motto of the United States Air Force. Although, on Veteran’s Day cadets in the AFROTC program at UMD serve a 24 hour vigil for those who served our nation.

Commander Jessie Peterson of the Air Force ROTC Detachment 420, explained the long vigil is an honor for the cadets.

“They’re standing out there in silence to remember those men and women who have ultimately gave the ultimate sacrifice for service to their nation.” Peterson said.

There are plenty of cadets training and learning and UMD’s ROTC, in fact it is a crosstown program. Students at UWS, St. Scholastica, & Lake Superior Community College are able to join the Air Force and earn an education.

Rachel Cirillo, a 2nd year cadet 3rd class, explained her family was a big inspiration for her joining the program.

“Veterans Day means to me and my family that we were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. But people in my family were willing to leave their homes, leave everything behind, to go and serve their country and to make their nation a better place.” Cirillo said.

There are also cadets wishing to serve the United States Air Force to be part of something bigger than themselves. Max Felland, a 2nd year cadet 3rd class, talked about representing the Air Force ROTC honorably during the day.

“For myself and the detachment, it’s our day to show those who have served that we greatly appreciate their sacrifice. And this is what we can do to show that appreciation. And it’s also a great day for us as a detachment to get our name out there.” Felland said.

However, there are other ways to show your support for the Armed Forces on Veterans Day.

“There’s all kinds of different ways you can get involved and volunteer, participate in different programs where you can write letters or send them to our veterans that are overseas serving right now. You can get involved in different local community events. VFW, these sort of things. There’s a number of ways you can help out here in local community.” Peterson said.

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