Tech Bytes: Google fixing Android bug

Tech Bytes: Google to rollout a new software update to fix storage issues

Google has rolled out a software update to fix a pesky Android 14 bug, Sony PlayStation 4 & 5 users will soon no longer be able to post gameplay directly to X, and YouTube has added a new button on the mobile app to help people find what to watch.

Google just rolled out a fix for a pesky Android 14 bug. The update will solve a major storage issue on some Pixel phones for people with multiple user profiles. Some users were unable to access their local files. For others their phones crashed or completely locked them out.

Users of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and 5 will soon lose their ability to post gameplay related clips or screenshots directly to X, formerly known as Twitter. Sony has not revealed exactly why it’s ending the integration, which will take place next Monday.

And, if you have no idea what to play when you go on YouTube, you now have some help. The service has added a “play something” button on its mobile app. Pressing the button will call up a random video when you’re not sure what to watch. Right now, it’s only available for some users.