Up North: Ojibwe winter games

Up North: Ojibwe winter games

Up North

In the Northland there is more than one way to have fun on the ice besides hockey.

“I’m excited to try all of the winter activities that they have today. We just tried out the snow snake and then also hoop and sphere is one that I am looking forward to try,” said participant Lorena Lane.

Participants of all ages got together to learn about trapping and furs from the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission.

Along with getting the chance to play games like hoop and spear, even snow snake.

“The snow snake game has been played with our ancestors for hundreds of years. They also had snow snakes that went from two feet all the way up to ten feet. Some of the kids, they play with ones that are about a foot long,” explained Culture Connections Instructor Lawrence Mann.

The event was sponsored by the American Indian Learning Resource Center & Indigenous Student Organization to get people outside and to learn about activities that native people used to pass the time years ago.

“It’s nice to reconnect, socialize with all these people. We have such a good turnout today so it’s been nice to share culture,” claimed President of Indigenous Student Org. Chanda Blesi.

For organizers however the biggest thing was having a chance to share part of Ojibwe culture and community.

“I hope they take away some understanding of our Ojibwe culture, they see the fun things that we did and the fun things that we continue to do today. It’s a story of unity and how these games can bring people together,” concluded Mann.

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