Up North: Duluth Figure Skating Club celebrates Eras Tour with 2024 Spring Show

Up North: Duluth Figure Skating Club celebrates Eras tour with 2024 Spring Show

Up North: Duluth Figure Skating Club celebrates Eras tour with 2024 Spring Show

The Duluth Figure Skating Club held an enchanted audience this weekend, as fearless skaters flooded Mars Lakeview Arena, for an event they know all too well.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour came to the Northland this weekend, as the Duluth Figure Skating Club held their 2024 Spring Show.

“I feel like we definitely put our own interpretation on the Eras Tour by making our own, with figure skating!” said Elizabeth Scudamore, a Duluth Figure Skating Club student.

The day before the show, skaters participated in a dress rehearsal, where they were able to nail their routines down pat.

Usually, these rehearsals are full of nerves for being judged in a competition, but this one was all for fun.

“The kids are coming to show off what they can do, show off their favorite tricks, skate with their friends,” said Lea Scudamore, the Marketing Chair for the Duluth Figure Skating Club. “There really isn’t a lot of team skate events in the country for competition and stuff like that. So, this is like the one event where the kids get to come, have fun, not worry about judges, and just enjoy the music and what they can do with their friends.”

After the dress rehearsal, and nailing the routines, it was finally show day. In its 43rd year, each with its own theme, skating to Taylor Swift resonated more with the skaters than in years past.

“There’s definitely like, tradition during Eras Tour, like bracelets, thirteen, tattoos, all this stuff, so we got to really incorporate that into this one, whereas last year’s show was circus themed,” shared Elizabeth Scudamore. “So that one was a lot of fun, but this one just brought us together a lot more.”

The show allowed skaters to skate to an empowering artist in Swift, and was an opportunity for some seniors to skate with their best friends for the last time.

“Yeah, it’s like bittersweet,” said Autumn Paulus, a Duluth Figure Skating Club student and senior in high school. “You’re just like so excited, because you just get to go out there and be with all your friends and have the spotlight on you, and then knowing that this is the last one, and this is the last time you’re going to all skate together, I just say really enjoy it and appreciate everyone around you.”

While it was the oldest skaters who had their moment, it was also important for the little ones to get out there for the first time, and they are showstoppers.

“The littles, when they take the ice, they steal the show because they totally forget what they’re doing and they smile away and blow kisses. It’s great, you know?” shared Lea Scudamore.

The Duluth Figure Skating Club offers a variety of classes for all levels of skaters. They also offer hockey skating lessons and open skate sessions for those who have passed their basic skating classes.