Zeitgeist Theater presents ‘POTUS’

POTUS: A show about the women behind the president

The show 'POTUS' is a comedy that includes seven women comedians who are keeping the president afloat. At the Zeitgeist Theatre from May 30-June 8.

Zeitgeist Theater is getting ready to open its second show of the season: ‘POTUS’ by Selina Fillinger. It tells the story of the seven women who are in charge of the leader of the free world.

The show opens Thursday, May 30 through Sunday, June 8. The show’s Director Kate Horvath says although there are truths to be found in the story, expect it served alongside a laugh, “It’s a seven woman comedy featuring some of the best and most talented comedians in town.”

“The character are described in the script in proximity to the president, whom you never meet. You never meet POTUS himself, you only meet the seven people in his orbit who are keeping him afloat admits multiple PR scandals.”

It’s also the Minnesota premiere of the new play. General admission is $25 dollars. The show is rated R.