What’s Brewing: Vikre Camp Cocktails

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Vikre’s Camp Cocktails are made with their locally-distilled spirits and best enjoyed around a bonfire.

Emily Vikre, one of the owners of the distillery, shared the recipe for her Northwoods Sidecar. A classic sidecar would be made with brandy, but Vikre makes theirs with aquavit, the national spirit of Norway.

“Kind of like gin has to be infused with juniper berries, aquavit has to be infused with caraway or dill or both,” she said.

Vikre’s is infused with caraway, which she says gives it a rye bread kind of flavor.

The Northwoods Sidecar is shaken and includes 2 oz. of aged aquavit, 3/4 oz. of orange liqueur, 3/4 oz. of lemon juice, and 1/4 oz. of simple syrup.

“Camp Cocktails” is her first cookbook. A second has also been published, and she’s been working on a third.

“It really was born out of how many questions and requests we got at the distillery from people who were heading up the Shore, to a cabin, or to go camping asking for tips on cocktails that they could make in the northwoods,” Vikre said.

Learn more about Vikre Distillery here and find out where to buy the Camp Cocktails book here.