What’s Brewing: Underwood Coffee

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Jake Underwood used to think coffee was terrible.

But after a friend gave him a French press bag of whole bean coffee, he realized what the drink could be.

“Then I kind of just fell down the rabbit hole and just kept trying coffees, get really into coffees, listening to coffee podcasts, like just fully immersed in that world,” Underwood said. “And then eventually I kind of made the decision to quite my more comfortable job and dive into the coffee world and never looked back.”

He’s been in the coffee industry for about a decade, learning how to roast at Spyhouse Coffee in the Twin Cities. Now, he owns his own roastery, Underwood Coffee.

He typically has 6-7 roasts at any given time. He gets beans from all over the world, places like Brazil, Sumatra, and Ethiopia.

“I primarily roast all my coffees on the lighter side,” Underwood said, “just because I’m buying really nice coffees. I want to respect the people that grew them, worked super hard to get them here, and I want to highlight the place.”

His roasts can be purchased on UnderwoodCoffee.com or in local shops like Goat Hill Marketplace. Restaurants like New London Cafe and The Back Alley also serve his coffee.