What’s Brewing: Jazzing up your tea

What’s Brewing: Jazzing up your tea

What types of tea are brewing at the Spice and Tea Exchange of Duluth.

If you take a few minutes to chat with the folks at the Spice & Tea Exchange of Duluth, you’ll come away with half a dozen ideas for ways to jazz up your tea and more.

Owner Dennis Thielke demonstrated a couple options. The first is a Cranberry Apple Tart Herbal Tea with a bit of Chai Sugar Simple Syrup.

They encourage people to try concocting their own simple syrups with the fun flavored sugars at the store.

You can also take the Spice & Tea Exchange‘s Cozy Cocoa Spice Blend and pair it with three choices of teas: Coconut Oolong Tea, Chocolate Chai Black Tea, or Creme Brulee Green Tea.

The shop is also hosting a “January Jerky Off” on Sunday, Jan. 28. Half of the proceeds benefit cancer survivors, specifically a young man named Regun.