Traditional desserts week: New Scenic Scandinavian

Traditional desserts week: New Scenic Scandinavian

The New Scenic Cafe shows off their variety of traditional Scandinavian desserts.

The New Scenic Cafe is known for offering Scandinavian fare, especially with treats around the holidays.

Chef and Proprietor Scott Graden says the deli case in the cafe near Two Harbors is “priming the pump” for a future artisan bakery in Duluth.

“So we have everything from our sourdough that we make, we’ve got bundt cakes, we’ve got all of our laminates, which would be the division of croissants into the danish. All the different layers, flaky on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside,” Graden said.

One of the most popular items in December is the Kardemummabullar, which is basically a cardamom knot.

The New Scenic also offers cookie tins (orders have closed for this year) and German, Finnish, and Scandinavian candies and other treats.

Graden enjoys the celebratory nature of this season.

“It’s just kind of fun to celebrate and it hearkens back to family, friends, sweets, treats,” he said.