Traditional desserts week: Krumkake

Traditional desserts week: Krumkake

Baihly Warfield learns how to make krumkake with Carol Marsh.

One of Carol Marsh’s go-to traditional desserts and holiday must-haves is krumkake.

It’s a crispy Norwegian cookie that can be filled with whipped cream, dipped in chocolate, and more. Marsh says the recipe is probably 1,000 years old.

“And it really hasn’t changed much,” she said. “It just uses basic ingredients because you have to realize they didn’t have much else. They couldn’t just run to the store. So, you know, they all the recipes for krumkake have butter, eggs, flour.”

She also adds cardamom. And cornstarch helps make the cookies crispy. The recipe calls for melted butter, but you can also use browned butter.

Once the ingredients are mixed, the cookies are baked on a krumkake iron.

“You can’t expect the first couple to be beautiful. You have to figure it out,” Marsh said.

They must be rolled while they’re hot right off the iron. She filled hers with whipped cream and served them with fresh strawberries.