Toby the Mammoth Donkey tells us to, “Save the Brays!”

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A very kind, Mammoth Donkey named Toby stopped by The Lift to tell us about the work at Save the Brays Donkey Rescue in Milaca, Minnesota. “There’s so much stigma that you hear about donkeys. We’re here to help change these ideas and perceptions,” Kym Garvey the president and co-founder tells. Adding that many donkeys have a calm, quiet demeanor, just like our visitor. “Toby is a big hugger.”

Toby was a surrender, “He was having some issues in his hooves, and she couldn’t take care of it.” This is how many of the animals come to Kym’s rescue.

“A lot of what we got in the past year are owner surrenders. I think word about us is getting out more and more- so it’s people that have trouble handling their donkeys or caring for their hooves. We do get some from neglect cases. And when we have room we go to auctions that’s kind of a dumping ground for people that have donkeys that aren’t in good health.” However, after their health needs are met, and they go through a training regime. Kym and her team are able to find most of them homes.

It’s an idea with many years in the making, starting in 2003. “I just really connect with donkeys, and donkeys have much more specific needs than a horse does.” So the need was there. It’s also based on location. She tells us that their are far more donkey rescue places in the South than in the North.

“We’re always looking for volunteers, and there’s always a lot of poop that need to be shoveled,” you can find more on Save the Bray’s website. “Donations are always welcome. We have a Facebook and Instagram.”