The Tidy Details of home staging

The Tidy Details of home staging

What do you need to know to properly "stage" a home to prepare for sale.

Staging can make a big difference when prepping a home for the real estate market.

It’s Tidy Details’ specialty, whether it’s new construction or a longtime family home. At an April stage of a vacant home in Hermantown, Kaitlyn Beise said staging is all about potential.

“We love when a home isn’t just like a fresh new construction, because then we can get more creative with the styles that we use, maybe get a little bit more shabby chic with things and show the potential,” she said. “It doesn’t always have to be like a brand new construction to really appreciate. And sometimes, the bones of these homes are even better and offer like so much character.”

She likes to arrange couches and chairs away from the walls of a living space to maximize the feeling of flow in the room and create clear conversational areas.

“We also like to leave the entry clear. You know, that will just automatically make the space feel more open and inviting,” Beise said.

She turned a room the previous homeowners were using as a den into a multifunctional guest room and office.

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