The special skills to become a DTA bus driver

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The Duluth Transit Authority is brining back their bus driver recruiting initiative “Your Turn to Drive”, which has attendees test drive a Duluth city bus.

If you are interested in trying it out the DTA has set up two days, May19th and May 20th.

To sign up you can follow the link here to their sign up page.

The DTA says at their last session they were successful in recruiting new drivers. They says the job goes way beyond just driving the bus.

Being a DTA bus driver is more customer oriented than you think. They say people don’t realize how interactive the job is with everyday Duluthians trying to get to school or work.

DTA Director of Safety, Security, and Training Mike Ahlin says, “You have, at any time, 15 to 20 passengers on your bus. And you might have 2 to 3 asking you a question [but] you have to keep your eyes on the road, and sometimes that’s tricky.”

And having a good spirit and attitude is something that the DTA looks for too. Making sure the drivers are always giving a warm welcome and goodbye to the passengers.