Duluthians get another chance to drive a city bus through the DTA’s ‘Your Turn to Drive’

The Duluth Transit Authority is brining back their bus driver recruiting initiative “Your Turn to Drive”, which has attendees test drive a Duluth city bus.

If you are interested in trying it out the DTA has set up two days, May19th and May 20th.

To sign up you can follow the link here to their sign up page.

2023’s “Your Turn to Drive” is the second time the initiative has been done in Duluth. They first started in September of 2022 and actually got a few new recruits out of it.

They say when riding through the obstacle course, drivers often find out new things about the job that they never would’ve known if they weren’t behind the wheel.

Like how bus driving is more closer to customer service than you’d think. When looking for recruits, General Manger Rod Fournier says, “The perfect candidate fore the DTA is someone who is a people person. We are customer service oriented and we really enjoy those folks that can come and really enjoy what they are doing, and [where] it looks like they enjoy what they are doing.”