The Process: Building knee strength

The Process: Strengthening the knee

Learn how to do tibialis raises and Patrick Steps

Brigette Williams of Simply Balanced shows us how to build strength around the knees and avoid injuries in this area.

These exercises help strengthen quads, hamstrings, tibialis, and calves.

Tibialis Raises: Start by leaning your back against a wall with your feet a couple of steps away from the wall. Brigette adds, “The further your feet are from wall the harder it is. Lift your toes up and hold for about 2 seconds and slowly drop back to the floor.

Repeat this movement ten times for three sets.

Patrick Steps: Start by stranding straight up with one foot out in front of you. Lift your toe up on the extended leg. “From here you are going to squat down, keeping your back heel on the ground and push back up,” Brigette says.

Repeat 5 to 10 reps per side multiple times a week.