The joy of a minimalist Christmas

What is a minimalist Christmas

Work within your space for gifting and decorating, and define a seasonal area so you aren't overwhelmed.

There can be a temptation toward accumulating stuff this time of year, whether it’s holiday decor or Christmas gifts.

Ericka Boyum with Boyum by Design gave some suggestions for how to embrace minimalism.

The biggest thing to remember is to work within your space and from decor to gifting,” Erica Boyum says. “Being intentional with how you decorate and how you gift for the people in your home and for the people you’re sending gifts to.”

  • Define your seasonal and holiday decor areas, and stay within those areas to help enhance the Christmas feel.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Try monochromatic Christmas or two-toned Christmas in a larger space allows you to layer up your decor.

“The less colors you have coming at you, the less stimulation people will receive,” Erica says.

For a limited space, Erica suggest trying a Swag Tree to hang on the wall.

Instead of buying new decorations each year, Erica suggest repurposing the decor you already have.

“A fun way to do that I found this year was ornament clusters,” she says. “These can be assembled simple with pipe cleaners and you can do little clusters and attach them to your tree or you can make garland size clusters of ornaments to hang on a banister or a fireplace.”