The Altered Abode’s DIY textured ornaments

The Altered Abode’s DIY textured ornaments

Baihly Warfield gets hand on and makes her own ornaments with help from the Altered Abode.

The Altered Abode has an idea for what you can do with those old ornaments that just don’t fit your decor style anymore.

Aubrey DeBettignies went with neutral decor this holiday season but had some old red and gold bulbs she didn’t want to toss. With paint, baking soda, and some Rub and Buff, she made them into textured, antique-looking bulbs.

“If you’ve ever used chalk paint, it’s kind of that same concept behind it. It kind of sticks to anything,” DeBettignies said. “And also it dries really fast. So you can usually do these relatively quickly.”

Mixing baking soda into acrylic paint results in a plaster-like texture. DeBettignies says they usually need two coats, but the paint dries in around an hour.

Once they’re dry, you can use a small paintbrush to add Rub and Buff. A little goes a long way.

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