Teacher of the Year Finalist: Mrs. Betterly of the North Woods School

Teacher of the Year finalist shares experience

Minnesota Teacher of the Year finalist, and Mrs. Pette USA, Rachel Betterley stopped by The Lift desk on Thursday.

Mrs. Rachel Betterly, a visual arts educator for the North Woods School in Cook, was one of eleven finalists for Minnesota Teacher of the Year. As part of the honor, she was able to attend the Minnesota Teacher of the Year weekend.

“There’s so much packed into that weekend, from professional development to media training, to the huge banquet honoring all of us, the finalists and semi-finalists,” Betterly told the The Lift there was over 500 people there, and it was all about recognizing teachers, which doesn’t always happen in the profession.

The Minnesota Teacher of the Year program, is the oldest and most prestigious recognition program in Minnesota to honor excellence in education. This is it’s 60th year.

Betterly was also the only rural teacher represented in the top 11 finalist. She says that helping more teachers from the rural areas get this experience- starts with a nomination.

“I need everybody to nominate their teacher. It’s super quick. It’s an easy process,” Betterly reminds us for when it opens in October.

Betterly also holds the title for Mrs. Petite USA.