Taking care of pets during the holidays

Dos and don’ts of holiday pet care

Nicole Facciotto and Paxton stopped by The Lift.

Nicole Facciotto of Animal Allies and Paxton stopped by The Lift to talk about the dos and don’ts of holiday pet care.

Facciotto recommends staying a couple steps ahead of your animal when it comes to holiday decorations, “If you got kitties at home, think about things that dangle, maybe extension cords, or anything that may chew on.”

“If you’re going to decorate tree, glass bulb may be a little more of an issue if somebody knocks it off with a wagging tail.”

You may want to spoil your pets during the holiday season with treat, but when it comes to table scraps, try to avoid things that are heavily seasoned or salted.

And giving pets as a gift is not a good idea. “If you know someone in your life that has been looking and you really want to help them in that journey, we do gift cards at Animal Allies.”

“(Animals) are so different and unique and have really different personalities. So it’s super important that person who is taking ownership of that animal has that opportunity to come in and make sure it’s the correct fit for them.”