Supporting young students

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Mental health issues have been on the rise in children aged K-17 since the pandemic, and we are still seeing the aftermath in schools and homes across the country.

In fact, the Surgeon General declared a State of Emergency for children and mental health issues. 

Stacy Crawford, from Klear Water Coaching & Wellness, provides some suggestions for adults who are in supporting roles of children, including teachers, relatives, and parents. She specifically targets children k-5, but it could be helpful for anyone.

  1. Be mindful about the language we use. Stacy says we should be careful not to project onto children our own feelings of worry or panic. Do not label children with “anxiety”.
  2. Acknowledge that emotions come and go and they can feel scary but they are normal and they are ever changing.
  3. Encourage children at a young age to notice and trust what makes them feel better and create their own tool kit.
  4. Use an online app like Insight Meditation Timer or Calm for breathing exercises.