Saying ‘Aloha’ to Ben and Elizabeth in Hawaii

Saying ‘Aloha’ to Ben and Elizabeth in Hawaii

Twin Cities Live hits the road - or the air - and spends some time in Hawaii.

Twin Cities Live Hosts Ben Leber and Elizabeth Ries have spent the week on the Big Island of Hawaii.

They’re there with viewers of the show learning about Hawaiian culture and enjoying incredible views.

One of Elizabeth’s favorite experiences has been their visit to Kona Joe’s Coffee.

“We got to learn about the process of how they’re growing the coffee cherries and the really cool life of the coffee pickers, who are very busy during harvest season from like August to December,” she said. “And then they make enough money during that time that they surf the rest of the year.”

Ben said he’ll be taking one particular fact from Kona Joe’s home with him.

“If you want great coffee, consistent coffee, it’s not so much about the beans or the grind, it’s about the temperature of the water,” Ben said. “So the guy at Kona Joe’s was saying 185 degrees. That’s the precise temperature at which to brew your coffee.”

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