Recipe: Chef Stuart’s Easy Spring Rolls

Chef Stuart makes his Spring Rolls

Chef Stuart puts all the ingredients together to make his Spring Rolls.

Chef Stuart Gordon is sharing his simple spring roll recipe.

Easy spring rolls

Peanut sauce

-½c peanut butter

-¼c soy sauce

-2 T sesame oil

-2 T agave

-2 T sambal

-2 T rice, wine vinegar

-1 nub ginger

-1 clove garlic

Spring roll

-Rice paper

-Julienned cabbage

-Julienned carrots

-Julienned cucumber

-Vermicelli noodles

Cook vermicelli noodles, and let cool. Toss in a little bit of oil to stop them from clumping.

Blend peanut sauce ingredients together. Set aside.  

Set up your wrapping station by filling a large dish with water. Soak each sheet of rice paper individually in the water for 10 to 15 seconds before rolling. Using desired amounts of cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and noodles, stuff your roll and wrap like a burrito. If you are looking to cut down on prep time, use a premade salad, mix with cabbage, carrots, and cucumber in it.

To save spring rolls, individually wrap them in saran wrap, and let’s sit in the fridge. They will be good for 2 to 3 days.