Middle schooler makes popsicle stick Lift Bridge

Making the Aerial Lift Bridge out of popsicle sticks

Miles Pham, a 6th grader at Lincoln Park Middle School built a functioning lift bridge out of popsicle sticks.

The Aerial Lift Bridge inspired a science project for Lincoln Park Middle Schooler, Miles Pham.

During Ms. Showalter’s physical science club, he built a functioning Aerial Lift Bridge.

It took some popsicle sticks, glue, string, and ample zeal for learning about the ships that come and go from the Twin Ports.

Miles dedicates the project to his “good friend, Captain Bruce” whom he would exchange emails with and wave to as his ship came into port.

Miles tells us Captain Bruce passed away from a blood clot, but still inspires him to build maritime related items.

The Lift bridge proved especially fun. Miles told The Lift, “I was showing it to teachers, they said, ‘Wow, is that the lift bridge?’ And I hadn’t told them at first what it was. I was just so happy that it was recognizable and that it actually looked like the Lift Bridge.”