Journaling for mental health with Molly Ovenden

Journaling for your mental health with Molly Ovenden

Local author Molly Ovenden shares how much journaling helps our mental health and gives us tips on where to start.

Creativity Coach and author Molly Ovenden says that journaling can be beneficial to our mental health.

Molly keeps a few different journals herself, and she encourages you to dive right in and do the same. There’s ones for random idea, specific projects, planners count, and ones with guided prompts.

“When we have a lot of ideas going around in our head so it’s really easy to be overwhelmed by everything outside of us.” Molly Ovenden says when we write, “The big things are bigger and the small things are small when we can put it on paper.”

She suggests a few different ways to journal: Using your five sense, poetry, and through morning pages.