Hot drinks for the Lake Superior Ice Festival

A hot drink for the Ice Festival

Warming things up with the Spirit Room this weekend with the Snow Bunny Hot Chocolate.

The Spirit Room will be serving hot drinks while people flock to the Ice Festival in Superior this weekend.

The Lake Superior Ice Festival runs Friday and Saturday on Barkers Island.

“It brings people out this time of year,” Lindsey Graskey said, “especially when things are getting a little over and over. We’re all anticipating spring, summer. But this is a good way to get people who love winter out and also to kind of attempt loving winter. We have to embrace it while we live here.”

At the Spirit Room, Graskey will be concocting drinks like the Snow Bunny Hot Chocolate, which includes espresso vodka, peppermint liqueur, and hot cocoa.

They’ll also host one of 25 ice sculptures that are scattered throughout Superior. The Spirit Room‘s is an ice penguin.

In honor of the penguin, they do a specialty shot of Vikre Distillery’s Aquavit served in an ice shot glass with a piece of pickled herring.