Gratitude journaling with Molly Ovenden

The importance of writing a Gratitude journal

Molly Ovenden provides a few ideas to help you get started.

Journaling is a practice to help us build the habit of Gratitude. Creativity Coach Molly Ovenden shares a variety of prompt to help you start.

Molly suggests holding an object and writing down just a couple words. If you’re hesitant about the journaling idea, this prompt is for you:

1. The person I’m most grateful for today is (BLANK) because (BLANK)…
2. The moment I’m most grateful for today is (BLANK)…

Next, molly says to get present with all your senses.

Sight – I am thankful for Duluth’s autumn colors.
Sound – I am grateful to hear my niece and nephew’s laughter.
Smell – I am grateful for the crisp, fresh, frosty morning scent of mulching leaves.
Taste – I’m thankful for the sweet tang of apple cider.
Touch – I’m grateful for the cozy warmth of extra quilts and crocheted afghans.

Third is a creative reflection.

‘I believe we’re all meant to be creators.” Molly explains, “Reflecting on what did you make. In what ways did you engage in creativity?”

More prompts are available online.

Molly is offering a workshop through Community Ed called, “Gratitude Journaling” on Wednesday 8 November at 7-8:30pm. Links to register for the zoom class are on her website.