Get ready to rummage on Park Point

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‘Tis the season for garage sales, and this weekend marks one of the biggest of the season. The 41st annual Park Point Rummage Sale runs Friday and Saturday, with the bargains beginning at 8:00am.

“It runs the gamut. We’ve had people sell cars, motorcycles, boats, but then also just little trinkets or just little mementos. So it’s anything and everything.”

Rory Strange considers himself a volunteer, helping his wife organize parts of the Rummage Sale every year. He says each season brings a steady flow of visitors, some coming from far outside the Twin Ports.

“It really is sort of a regional thing that people will come up here. Some people do come up, they stay overnight,” shared Strange. “It’s amazing how far people away how far away people live, and they still come here because there are some incredible bargains to be had.”

The Rummage Sale stretches four miles down Park Point, with residents on both sides of the street participating. You’ll even find some food vendors, making sure everyone has enough energy to hunt for treasure.

“The origins of this, actually, and why the community pulled together, is to support another event down here that’s so important to us, which is the Park Point Art Fair. And they felt it was important to say, ‘let’s really keep that, you know, distinct Park Point art fair weekend separate,’ because that funds a lot of initiatives down on the Point.”

For those looking to partake in the fun, Strange suggests you go with a strategy.

“I think one thing that we encourage people to do is to actually find a place to park. And there is a lot of parking. Traffic tends to slow down if people do shopping by car. So we do encourage them to park. If you can bring a bicycle down, that’s a great way to go and absolutely bring a wagon, bring a cart so you can load all those valuables. And the other thing that’s handy is if you have a card, put a name, put a phone number on it so you don’t have to just make one purchase and then leave that. You can give that person that information and come back and get more.”

The Park Point Rummage Sale runs from 8:00am to 5:00pm on both Friday and Saturday.

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