Get in the Spirit of the Lights at the Merryweather

The Spirit of the Lights Display at the Merryweather

Walk around the the Merryweather Inn in Duluth to see the Spirit of the Lights Display.

The Spirit of the Lights display was a well-loved and well-visited attraction at Marcia Hales’ Park Point home, and now many pieces of it have a new home at Duluth’s Merryweather Inn.

“It is such a great display. It’s so whimsical, it’s so magical, and we’re all about making people happy and sharing Christmas,” Innkeeper Beth Koralia said.

The display is set up in the yard of the Merryweather Inn on E 1st Street in Duluth, and Koralia invites the public to come walk through it. She just asks people do not ring the doorbell and disturb the bed and breakfast’s guests.

A sign outside the Merryweather Inn. Nick Johnson/WDIO

Duluthians will recognize the lucky penguin from Hales’ display as well as shooting stars, the light fountain, and more. There are free cookies in the pink cookie house near the front door.

“You couldn’t ask for a more Christmas-y place than here,” Koralia said. “It’s basically a Hallmark movie.”

She is taking donations to keep the lights on and support Healing Paws Rescue. She plans to keep the decorations up through the new year.