Finding your interior design style with the Altered Abode

Finding your interior design style with The Altered Abode

Talking design style - everyone has one but you may not know what designs best suit you.

Everybody has a design style, Aubrey DeBettignies says, but not everybody knows what it is.

She developed a style quiz on her website and blog,, that can help you narrow it down.

It’s fewer than 10 questions, some of which are visual and some ask about lifestyle.

“So then this will give you kind of a design board that I’ve curated based on your style along with some shoppable links if you wanted to get started creating that space in your house on your own,” DeBettignies said.

However, she said taking the quiz twice isn’t a bad idea because a lot of people tend to like a blend of two styles.

“I think a lot of the best styles are kind of that blended style,” she said.