Cooking up Vegan Scallops with Zeitgeist Arts Café

Zeitgeist Arts Cafe: Vegan Scallop appetizer

Executive chef Sam Courtney prepares the dish on The Lift.

Zeitgeist Arts Cafe: Vegan Scallop appetizer Part 2

Finishing up the Vegan Scallop appetizer.

Vegan Scallops are available year round at Zeitgeist Arts Café- it’s served with king trumpets mushrooms from St, Joseph, Minn. and an edamame puree.

Executive Chef Sam Courtney told The Lift, “My sous chef and I come up with all the l dishes here. The vegan scallops we’ve had on before with previous Executive Chef Nick Weinhandl.”

Start by cutting up some mushrooms right across the top and turning your pan on high heat. Salt and pepper both sides.

Then sear up the mushrooms like you would a scallop until both sides are brown. The edamame puree serves as base for the dish.