BIPOC Business Showcase: Tired Mom Emporium

BIPOC Business Showcase: Tired Mom Emporium

Tire Mom Emporium showcases a wide range of products that will be at the BIPOC Business Showcase.

The 4th Annual Northland BIPOC Business Showcase is Saturday 1-5 p.m. at The Depot.

It’s set to feature over 30 BIPOC-owned businesses, including Tired Mom Emporium.

Sarah Curtiss runs the business with her mom and sister, she explains, “So me and my family, we are compulsive makers. During Covid, we couldn’t be with each other so we’d be creating and sending pictures and posting.”

“People would say, ‘Can I order this? Where can I get one?’ And my sister said, ‘Why not try to make it a business?'”