Being polite and safe at the dog parks

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Linda Nervick is the woman behind, a dog friendly guide for the Twin Ports, and she brought with her Boo the Pomeranian. They taught us about safety and etiquette and dog park.

Boo is seven years old and does not like other dogs. “He has to learn some lessons about etiquette and he loves to watch tv. If he sees a dog, on tv he’s very anxious.”

Linda tells us we should ease into dogs parks. Check it out by yourself first and then introduce your dog to the space in either the morning or evening for a play date. Then slowly work up to the dog park level.

She gives us this advice:

  • Only take your dog off leash in designated areas
  • Don’t leave any trash on the floor
  • Pick up after your dog
  • Make sure your dog has its shots

And there are trainers available to help your dog become more social.