Author Week: Barbara Sjoholm

Author Week: Barbara Sjoholm

"The Palaceof the Snow Queen" and "By the Fire-Sami Folktales and Legends"

Barbara Sjoholm is a writer and translator. Her most recent book From Lapland to Sápmi: Collecting and Returning Sámi Craft and Culture is an illustrated cultural history of Sámi objects.

“It’s about the ways that object were taken from Sámi, including their sacred drums. They were put in museums. Most were put in the South of Scandinavia near Stockholm and Oslo.”

Sjoholm details the effort to repatriate these objects. “There’s also Sámi museums that are being built within the back 20 or 30 years, which are receiving these things and displaying them.”

The recently reissued The Palace of the Snow Queen detailed Sjoholm’s travels through Northern Scandinavia, “It’s about Winter tourism and the Sámi people that I’ve meet.”