Tech Bytes: Verizon users can now use Apple’s roadside assistance

Tech Bytes: Apple roadside assistance now compatible with the Android roadside assistance

Verizon users can now turn to Apple's satellite roadside assistance feature if they have car trouble.

Verizon users can now turn to Apple’s satellite connection if they have car trouble. Apple’s satellite roadside assistance feature on the iPhone 14 and 15 now works with Verizon roadside assistance.
So you can text for help, even if you’re off the grid with no cell service or Wi-Fi.

Samsung’s self-repair program is expanding. The company has added foldable phones to the menu – joining the entire S23 series and other devices. There’s been no word yet on the pricing. Self- repair is also expanding to four European countries.

Finally, the Microsoft chatbot “Copilot” has a new feature, that creates songs after a user enters a short description. It’s done through a new partnership with an artificial intelligence- based music platform. The personalized songs come complete with lyrics, or they can be instrumental.