Tech Bytes: Apple to launch new security features

Tech Bytes: Apple to introduce new security measures for iPhone users

Apple is rolling out a new layer of security to protects against stolen passwords.

Apple is rolling out a new layer of security to protect against stolen passcodes. The feature is designed to block thieves if they get a hold of your iPhone and your secret code. If your phone is not at home or at work the feature will require your face ID in addition to your passcode. it will be available with an upcoming software update.

Also, new artificial intelligence features for “Snapchat Plus” users. They can create an image based on text, then add a message before sending it to others on the messaging app. Users can also make a photo subjects appear farther away, by using AI to fill in the background.

Finally AI additions are coming to Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses. Mark Zuckerberg showed the new features on Instagram. For example, saying “hey Meta” brings up a virtual assistant that can identify objects and translate languages.