Tech Bytes: Apple to ask news publishers for help with training AI

Tech Bytes: Apple looking to use news publisher to help their AI model

Apple is asking news publishers to team up to help improve Artificial Intelligence. They say this will help train the AI.

There are talks of a deal between Apple and news publishers. The tech giant has reportedly discussed teaming up with publishers to train its generative AI. According to the New York Times, Apple is offering deals worth at least $50- million dollars.

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, researchers have developed an AI powered robot
claiming it can beat a marble game *much faster than people. Humans struggled with game after about 6 hours of practice. The AI robot was able to conquer the game in about 14 seconds

An electric car completed the world’s first ever drive from the north to the south pole.
A husband and wife made the 18,000 mile trip over 10 months. The vehicle was powered by solar and wind energy.