Rafe Carlson visits the studio before summer tour

GMN Performance: Rafe Carlson

Rafe Carlson stopped by the studio to play a brand new song for Good Morning Northland.

Rafe Carlson joined GMN ahead of his summer tour to preview his newly released song and discuss his upcoming plans. Rafe is a country singer and songwriter from Duluth, Minnesota whose music journey began on a road trip to Texas.

GMN Performance Interview: Rafe Carlson

Rafe Carlson stopped by the studio to discuss his music inspirations and his upcoming summer tour.

After spending his emergency gas money on a vintage guitar in Austin, he gave his two week notice at work, and started performing around Duluth for tips. As the crowd began to grow at each show, he was contacted by a music producer in Nashville, and flown down to Music City to start recording some songs he’d written.

For more information on Rafe’s upcoming tour dates, visit his website here.