Inside Senior Living with Melissa Fritz

Inside Senior Living with Melissa Fritz

Melissa Fritz is the creator of an upcoming docuseries about senior living. She says as our community ages, it's important to start having conversations before a crisis happens.

Inside Senior Living is an upcoming documentary series that is being filmed in Duluth in partnership with PBS North. The creator, Melissa Fritz, joined us to shed light on what can be a hard topic to talk about.

The Northland is an aging community and by having difficult conversations early can help avoid a crisis when something does happen. Fritz has experience with senior living as her father went through an assisted living facility.

She also spends time talking with families about how to deal with the struggles of senior living. The documentary will start filming in Duluth in late February and will air around Thanksgiving.

Inside Senior Living is still looking to speak with a couple more families about their experience. Specifically, families of a veteran and a family where the male is taking care of a female family member.

For more information, visit Inside Senior Living.