Zeitgeist Arts Center hoping you’ll Give to the Max on Thursday

Zeitgeist hopes you’ll Give to the Max and support their efforts and the arts

A look at how your donations during Give to the Max is going to help support the arts at Zeitgeist.

Non-profits are gearing up to generate donations on Thursday, which is Give to the Max Day.

One of them is Zeitgeist Arts Center in Duluth. It’s home to so many opportunities for entertainment. Like plays and performances.

“We like to say it’s a small space, but big theater,” Mary Fox told us. She’s the Artistic Director of the theater.

Downstairs, there’s a little movie magic. “We show things that are harder to find, not what the big studios are pressing on people. A lot of international films, sometimes really interesting stories that you haven’t heard of before,” shared Jody Kujawa, the Zinema Manager.

And out in the community, it’s about finding solutions for a stronger and more inclusive future.

“We use the arts as a vehicle for change,” explained Amy Demmer, the Community Development Director for Zeitgeist. “Doing vision board exercises, or making murals to beautify a space.”

That’s why they are counting on your dollars during Give to the Max.

Fox added, “We are giving artists in our community a place to thrive, perform, and create their stories. While supporting the community and uplifting entertainment for them. That’s why we’re pretty special.”

Donations can also help your experience there, by helping them invest in new equipment like laser projectors.

And longer term, the money can supports infrastructure improvements, like at 6th Avenue East.

“Give to the Max Day is really a special time in the community, where everybody gets to kind of celebrate all the things that we’re doing well. And invite community members to join in support,” Demmer.

To give to Zeitgeist and other non-profits: https://www.givemn.org/giving-events/gtmd23