YWCA Duluth receives $15,000 donation for at risk women

YWCA receives donation from AT&T

The YSCA Duluth has received $15,000 to help support at-risk women.

On Thursday, the YWCA Duluth received a $15,000 donation from AT&T to support their work to help at-risk women affected by the digital divide.

This contribution will support technology courses offered through YWCA Duluth’s Spirit Valley Young Mothers Program. This program includes courses teaching topics on online safety for parents, digital literacy basics, and online safety to prevent sex trafficking.

“I think it’s great when we train one person, we not only train them in how to do it for themselves, but they’ll be able to do it for their children. They’ll be able to share that information with their friends and family. And so it really builds out from there.”

Beth Burt, Executive Director, YWCA Duluth

The mission of the YWCA Duluth is to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

The $15,000 AT&T contribution is part of the company’s commitment to help bridge the digital divide by connecting students to skills, resources, and opportunities for success in school and in life.