Duluth woman faces a felony charge for the death of her dog

Rainna Korby faces one felony count overwork/mistreat animals torture for the death of her dog, Gio.

The criminal complaint said that Korby had been living in an apartment in the East Hillside with her daughter and the dog.

Another woman ended up staying there as well.

The complaint said Korby told authorities she became overwhelmed and was struggling, so she went to live with friends.

Korby admitted she didn’t ask her friend to take care of the dog, although she assumed the friend would.

According to the complaint, Korby asked the woman to feed the dog on November 1st. She allegedly didn’t ask her to feed the dog again until November 11th.

Law enforcement said text messages between the two women show that Korby acknowledged how bad the situation had become for the dog. The complaint said she left him in a small metal cage where he could not extend his limbs, did not have food or water, and was laying in his own waste.

The friend brought the dog to Animal Allies, and told them she found him in a ditch.

Animal Allies renamed him Lovebug and tried to save him. But in the end, he died.