What you need to know about Wisconsin’s Constitutional questions

Wisconsin Spring Election’s constitutional amendment questions

Wisconsin's Spring Election ahs two constitutional amendment questions with private funds in election administration, and election officials.

Wisconsin’s Spring Election is tomorrow on April 2nd. Wisconsin Voters will decide on presidential candidates and other local office positions.

Although there are also two constitutional amendment questions that will impact future elections. Jay Heck, the Executive Director of Common Cause Wisconsin, said these questions are the result of Wisconsin’s Legislature.

“The first question would prohibit private funding for election administration. This stemmed out of the 2020 election,” Heck said. “Election clerks, whether it’s in Douglas County in northern Wisconsin or anywhere else. Typically, don’t have the resources to be able to meet all the needs.”

The private funds used in 2020 were during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Some of the expenses ranged from equipment to process ballots, to poll worker recruitment, drive-through voting.

The second question would prohibit volunteers and poll workers from helping election officials. Unless they pass a series of requirements and become designated by law to perform tasks in future elections.

“They’re already laws on the books that stipulate what election clerks can do and the types of people that can work in elections,” Heck said. “But we’ve also left that up to election clerks and to the Wisconsin Elections Commission to make those decisions.

Polls open for Wisconsin voters tomorrow at 7am and close at 8pm. Remember, if you are in line to vote at 8pm you can still cast your ballot.

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