Washburn County opens Warming Shelters

Four operational Warming Shelters are now open in Washburn County due to the extended power outages in the area, this according to the county Emergency Management office.

There are two Warming Centers in the Minong area. One at the Town Hall in Minong on W 7095 Nancy Lake Road and the other center is at the Village of Minong Hall at 123 5th Ave. in Minong.

Shell Lake Community Center also has a Warming Center, located at 100 W Lake Drive in Shell Lake. The fourth center is at the Town of Chicag Town Hall, W 8499 Highway 77 in Chicog.

County officials say all are welcome to warm up at either Shelter. The Shelters will remain open as long as there is a need due to the Electrical Power Outages within Washburn County.

The need for these shelters will be reassessed at 4 pm today.

Please call 911 for emergencies and 715-520-2479 for Shelter Operations questions.

County officials warn of dangerous low temperatures in the forecast. They ask residents to check on neighbors, especially the elderly or disabled.

The Washburn County Emergency Management team provides these tips for staying safe:

  • Use caution around downed power lines. Even if your power is out, lines may be energized at any moment.
  • Use caution where there may be falling snow and tree branches.
  • If you anticipate your power will be out for an extended period of time, consider draining your water lines to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Make sure your pets have adequate shelter and warmth.
  • Never operate your generator in a garage or inside your home.
  • Use caution with space heaters, carbon monoxide alarms may not work in a power outage!
  • Fill up your gas tanks now and be sure you have extra warm clothing, blankets and an emergency kit in your car in case of an accident.

You can find out additional safety information about being prepared for power outages by clicking on this link .