Walk for Roya’s Hope fundraiser supporting her recovery and family

Walk for Roya’s Hope fundraiser supporting her recovery and family

On Saturday, May 13th the Walk for Roya's Hope fundraiser was held to support Roya and family after a full recovery from a heart transplant.

A Duluth family is thankful for support from their community after their daughter’s heart transplant surgery. Roya Snyder, a seven year old girl made a full recovery, from the transplant. On Saturday, May 13th, volunteers and members of the community held the Walk for Roya’s Hope fundraiser.

Marren Webb, a volunteer for the Walk for Roya’s Hope says the walk helped raise over $17,000 for long-term expenses and future care.

“She has a long journey ahead and more funds are needed,” Webb said. “She’s recovering really well, and today over 300 people from our community, probably more, who’ve been here today to support her, have gone through their time, showing support for the family as they enter this new phase, and just love this little girl who’s so special.”

Roya’s parents Mya and Derek say they are thankful for the Roya’s friends, classmates and the Duluth community supporting Roya.

“We don’t have enough thank you cards to send everybody or the time to do it. But thank you to everyone in Duluth. My wife and I, and our whole family is so grateful” Derek Snyder said. “We’re happy to be here, and we’re happy to be recovering, and we have a long journey ahead of us.”

The family walk also benefits the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) for Roya on Saturday. It started at Duluth East High School, and featured family friendly activities, like face painting, and a silent auction.

For more information on how you can donate to help Roya and her family you can read more here. Also for the story about Roya’s heart transplant you can read more here.