U.S. Coast Guard Veterans reunite in Duluth

US Coast Guard Veterans reunion

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Veterans of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter STORI, and other cutters that were based in Kodiak Alaska met up Sunday night at the Inn on Lake Superior for a special reunion to celebrate and remember their times in service.

This is the first time this event has happened in Duluth, and consists of three days of different historical events to allow veterans to revisit the places they once called home. Sunday night kicked off the event with a dinner for those attending.

Many veterans brought their own memorabilia from their times in the coast guard to share with others.

“The people I served with, when you are on a ship, you have each other’s backs, and you develop friendships that last a lifetime. Hence people behind me that have known each other some forty-fifty years and they come again, meet talk greet.,” said Greg Papineau, co-chairman of the veteran’s reunion and veteran himself. “I’ve learned sea stories from other people who were on board at different times, just like keeping the memory alive.”

U.S. Coast Guard Veteran’s cap within the memorabilia at the USCGC Reunion

The events will run through Tuesday, concluding with a banquet. The banquet will include multiple notable speakers including RADM Johnathan P Hickey, District Commander for the U.S. Coast Guard Ninth District in Cleveland; CDR Jarrod Dewitz, CO of MSU Duluth; LCDR Joel Wright, CO of CGC SPAR; and BMCM Justin Olson of STA Duluth. Duluth Mayor Roger Reinert will also make an appearance.

The STORIS Cutter was decommissioned in 2007, after 64 years of service. The cutter was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012 but was later sold for scrap in 2013. Despite being unable to visit the STORIS, veterans will be able to visit the buoy tender USCC SPAR and ex-CGC SUNDEW during the event.

More information on the event can be found at USCGC STORIS Reunion Update (govdelivery.com)