Twin Ports Interchange causing traffic delays from August 14th-19th

Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Twin Ports Interchange will begin road construction on Monday. The road construction with Twin Ports Interchange causing traffic delays on I-35 traffic is from a two-way, single lane configuration.

The construction will last until Saturday August 19th. Pippi Mayfield, the Public Relations and Communication Director with MN-DOT said people should start planning their new routes now for the work week.

“I would encourage everybody to use the zipper merge that would make it so much quicker,” Mayfield said. “Rather than everyone lining up in the right lane and waiting for a mile in advance, if everybody would use both lanes and then just merge at the actual construction, it would go much quicker. It wouldn’t be so much of a stop and start.”

Mayfield also said that there will be more road closures happening in the next couple of months. However, they are on schedule to open up I-35 in October. “We’re doing the work on the bridges that are directly above the interstate,” Mayfield said. “We don’t want to put anybody in danger. And there will be some more intermittent closures, just like there have been the last few weeks.”

Mayfield also advised drivers to try and avoid the Blatnik bridge, because the road construction along the Twin Ports Interchange is also causing traffic delays there too. “Our signed detour is the Bong bridge for this entire project,” Mayfield said. “That’s what we encourage people to take. We know that everybody has their habits and everybody uses Garfield Avenue. And Garfield Avenue itself is still open. So if people are determined to use the Blatnik bridge, they can they will be in extra traffic.”

Finally, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is urging people to follow the construction speed limits. “We don’t want people speeding through, causing any danger, any safety issues,” Mayfield aid. “We all know Minnesota summer is our construction season and we’re all stuck in it. But we just have to be patient and we’ll have nice new roads that are finished.”

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