Trees of Hope: MOCA makes a difference for women in many ways

MOCA kicks off our 2023 Trees of Hope Campaign

A look at how MOCA helps ovarian cancer survivors across the Northland and the state.

We are kicking off our Trees of Hope campaign with the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, also known as MOCA.

“No woman should have to face ovarian cancer alone,” Kris Greer shared. She’s a 22 year survivor and Duluth native, who is a MOCA spokesperson and former board chair.

“We provide support and connection for women across the Northland and Minnesota, with MOCA Cares Kits, mentoring, and support groups,” she said.

MOCA has also provided more than $11 million dollars for research for an early detection test and a cure.

Events like Light Duluth Teal help bring that money in. The 10th anniversary gala was in September.

Make sure you tune into our Trees of Hope phone bank on Tuesday, at 5, 6, and 10pm. We’ll be featuring MOCA stories through next week.

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